The team at Nordmann Trade

The team at Nordmann trade is always ready to welcome your inquiry. With years of experience in the christmas trees industry, we ensure quality solutions to both large and small orders. Nordmann trade can be reached 24 hours a day all year round.

Peter Vestergaard
Peter VestergaardTel. +45 2621 7238
Partner in Nordmann Trade and responsible for all sales throughout Europe. Peter joined the company fulltime in 2002 and has been managing sales since 2008.  Peter can always be reached and don’t hesitate to call him for a discussion about the market.
Søren Vestergaard
Søren VestergaardTel. +45 2344 2620
Partner in Nordmann Trade and responsible for purchasing and production. In 2010 Søren joined Nordmann Trade and through his dedication to produce the best posible trees, Nordmann Trades production has reached a new quality level.
Alf Vestergaard
Alf VestergaardTel. +45 2012 6338
Founder of the export company and inspite of his retirement he is still an active part of the workday.

Nordmann Trade

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Phone: +45 869 572 85

Fax: +45 869 572 84

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